About US

Origin of our company name, Heartseed
Company nameの由来

cardiomyocyte spheroid, a spherical microtissue of cardiomyocytes which we create, resembles a species of houseplant called Heartseed. Named with the meaning of implanting a heart species at necrotic site due to myocardial infarction etc.

Mission & Value

Open the door of CV disease treatment with RM
Change the world with RM
Provide Patient-first, high-quality care
Create a new medical care with original technology and science
Heart failure is difficult to cure. It is our mission to cure those patients with cardiac regenerative medicine. Many patients are waiting in the world. We aim to change the world by regenerative medicine.

Company Profile

Company name
Heartseed Inc.
Cardiac regenerative medicine using iPSCs
Board member
Keiichi Fukuda, Kikuo Yasui, Takehiko Kaneko, Mutsuki Takano, Tatsuyoshi Hirano
Outside Director
Yutaro Kasai, Toshiharu Furukawa, Kay Deguchi, Makoto (Mark) Ohori
Founders / employees, Angel Bridge, Astellas Venture Management, Shibuya Corp., SBI Investment, JMDC, Kidswell Bio, Nissay Capital, SMBC Venture Capital, ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER, MEDIPAL HOLDINGS, Innovation Platform for The University of Tokyo, Medical Incubator Japan, Keio Innovation Initiative (KII), Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Investment.
Head Office
The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo #302, 12-9, Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0015, JAPAN