Keiichi FUKUDA

Keiichi Fukuda, MD/PhD/FACC

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Representative Director of the Board
    • 1987
    • PhD in Clinical Cardiology, Keio University Graduate School of Medicine
    • 1991
    • Growth Factor Division, National Cancer Center Research Institute
    • 1992
    • Dept of Mol. Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School
    • 1994
    • Cardiovascular Research Center, University of Michigan
    • 1995
    • Lecturer, Department of Cardiology, Keio University School
    • 1999
    • Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, Keio University
    • 2005
    • Professor, Dept of Regenerative Medicine, Keio University
    • 2010
    • Professor, Department of Cardiology, Keio University
    • 2015
    • Founded Heartseed Inc.

Kikuo Yasui

Chief Operating Officer, Director of the Board

Mr. Yasui joined Heartseed in 2019 as COO. Before joining Heartseed, he held various positions with increasing responsibilities at AbbVie /Abbott Japan, including Business Unit Manager, Immunology and Group Manager, Market Access. He also worked at Bain. He graduated from the Univ. of Tokyo, Pharmaceutical Sciences. (MSc)

Takehiko Kaneko

Takehiko Kaneko, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Head of R&D, Director of the Board

Dr. Takehiko Kaneko has diverse experience in large pharma and small biotech companies, leading R&D organizations and teams. Dr. Kaneko joined Heartseed in 2020 as Chief Medical Officer. Prior to joining Heartseed, He served on the leadership team at SanBio Co. Ltd, where he was responsible for development and regulatory of cell therapy products. He was also engaged in medical affairs at Bristol-Myers Squibb, clinical development at Pfizer, and early development at Novartis. Dr. Kaneko received his medical degree from Keio University School of Medicine.

Mutsuki Takano

Mutsuki Takano

Chief Financial Officer, Director of the Board

Mutsuki Takano has total 16years business experience, and joined Heartseed in 2020 as Chief Financial Officer. In his career record as being bio-tech management since 2018, he raised approx. USD50Mil mainly in Promethera Biosciences, Belgium cell therapy company. Before 2018, he had been in Mitsui & Co., where he engaged in VC investment in biotech industry, new company launches, setting-up of joint ventures, foreign company operations and restructuring projects in multiple regions such as US, UK, Belgium, China, and other Asian countries. Bachelor of Science in Politics and Economics from the Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. Certified Member Analyst of SAAJ.

Tatsuyoshi Hirano

Tatsuyoshi Hirano

Chief Administrative Officer, Director of the Board

Prior to Joining Heartseed in 2021 as Chief Administration Officer, Mr Hirano was Chairman and Director of the Board of UMN Pharma Inc., currently a subsidiary of Shionogi Inc. in addition to 15-year top management experiences in a global retail company and a biotechnology venture company including 8 years as Chairman and CEO, Representative Director following 3 years as CFO at UMN Pharma Inc., and 4 years as EVP, Representative Director and/or CFO, at Toys”R”Us-Japan, Ltd.. During his career at UMN Pharma Inc. and Toys”R”Us-Japan, Ltd., he successfully led IPOs of both companies to TSE Mothers in 2012 and JASDAQ in 2000 by global offering respectively. He received BA degree in Social Studies from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Japan and MA degree in Economics from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore USA.

Yutaro KASAI

Yutaro Kasai

Non-Executive Board Director

Mr. Kasai founded Heartseed in 2015. He is also the founder and head of Angel Bridge. Before founding Angel Bridge, he worked top-tier Private Equity firms including Unison Capital and Bain Capital. He started his career at Goldman Sachs IBD. He earned MBA at Chicago Univ. He graduated from the Univ of Tokyo, Agricultural Sciences. (MSc)

Toshiharu FURUKAWA

Toshiharu Furukawa, MD/PhD

Independent Board Director

Dr. Furukawa was appointed as Independent Board Director of Heartseed in 2017. He graduated Keio University, School of Medicine and earned PhD. He also graduated Keio Univ, School of Literature. He works as a lawyer at TMI Associates. He is also the member of the House of Councilors from LDP.

Kay Deguchi

Kay Deguchi

Independent Board Director

Kay Deguchi is Owner/COO of Ochanomizu Orthooedic Clinic and was President at AbbVie Japan. Prior to this, she held senior roles at Bell System 24, Stryker Japan, Stryker Orthopaedics, Johnson & Johnson, GE Plastics and The Disney Store in addition to Bain and Company. Kay studied law at Tokyo University and received an MBA from Harvard Business School, where she gained a distinction.

Makoto (Mark) Ohori, Ph.D.

Makoto (Mark) Ohori, Ph.D.

Independent Board Director

Dr. Mark Ohori, Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Life Science at UTokyo Innovation Platform (UTokyo IPC), joined Heartseed as an Independent Board Director in August 2021. Prior to joining UTokyo IPC, Mark was Executive Director, Head of Scouting at Astellas Innovation Management LLC (Cambridge, MA), where he led the global innovation acquisition team and established dozens of strategic partnerships with academia and biotech companies in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. He was also working as an Investment Director at Astellas Venture Management LLC in Silicon Valley, where he invested in various early-stage biotech companies, the majority of which achieved IPOs or M&As. Mark has more than twenty years of experience in drug discovery research. He received his Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Tokyo.


Tomoyuki Kikugawa

External Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Mr. Kikugawa was appointed as Auditor (full-time) of Heartseed in 2018. He worked at Anritsu (listed in 1st section of TSE) for over 35 years and held increasing responsibility such as CTO and Director, Full-time audits committee.


Akira Fujiyoshi

External Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Mr. Fujiyoshi joined Heartseed in 2019 as External Auditor & Supervisor with his extensive experience in clinical development of new drugs and research management with Eisai. In his career, he spent 12 years in the US for the new drug development of Alzheimer’s disease. After returning to Japan, he was responsible for investor relations as Director. He was a Member of the Board of Eisai and Member of Audit Committee. He is currently serving as Board Member with Semba Corporation. He graduated from Kyoto University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Taiji Edogawa

Taiji Edogawa, CPA

External Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Mr. Edogawa joined Heartseed in 2021 as External Audit & Supervisory Board Member. After joining Showa Ota & Co. (now Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC), he supported many IPOs of life science-related companies and IT-related companies. In 2020, he founded EDiX Professional Group and assumed the position of Representative Director. In addition to his current focus on supporting technology-related companies, he is involved as an external committee member in a number of innovation-related policies of central government ministries and agencies.

Leaders at R&D

Hitoshi Kawamura, PhD

Vice President, R&D

Dr. Kawamura joined Heartseed Inc. as Senior Manager of R&D in Aug. 2018 and now deputy Director of R&D Div. He spent about 25-years in pharmaceutical and biotechnology company , as mainly clinical development leader for several products including gene therapy, cardiovascular medicine and others. Just before joining Heartseed, he led global development product as Japan project leader and had track-record to enroll the patients for clinical trial. In addition, the biotechnology company where he contributed in early stage was successfully in IPO.

Nobuyuki Takahashi

Director, Head of Manufacturing

Mr. Takahashi joined Heartseed in 2020. Before joining Heartseed, he had more than 25 years of experience in Japanese pharmaceutical company as mainly CMC development. He has extensive experience in GMP of biotechnology products and he led commercial manufacturing planning for developing products. He received his MBA (Management of Technology) from the Waseda Business School.

Masahiro Akimoto

Director, Quality Assurance Department

Masahiro Akimoto joined in 2021 as Director of Quality Assurance Department. In his over 30 years of experience in a Japanese pharmaceutical industry, he was in charge of strategic quality planning for CMC development and CTM production, technical transfer to US and EU CDMOs, preparation of the quality sections of the marketing authorization dossier as well as QA operation for commercially launched products including external audits to maintain regulatory compliance and continuous improvement. He is a registered pharmacist in Japan and a certified quality engineer of the American Society for Quality.

Scientific Advisory Boards

Dr. Shunei Kyo

President of the Hospital, Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital & Institute Gerontology
    • 1974
    • The University of Tokyo School of Medicine, M.D
    • 1997
    • Professor, Department of Cardiac Surgery, Saitama Medical Center
    • 2008
    • Professor, Department of Therapeutic Strategy for Heart Failure, University of Tokyo

Dr. Minoru Ono

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery & -Department of Cooperative Unit of Medicine and Engineering Research, The University of Tokyo
    • 1987
    • The University of Tokyo School of Medicine, M.D.
    • 1998
    • The University of Tokyo School of Medicine, Ph.D.
    • 2009-present
    • Professor and Chairman, Department of Cardiac Surgery, The University of Tokyo School of Medicine
    • 2013-present
    • Director, Cooperative Unit of Medicine and Engineering Research

Dr. Yuji Shiba

Professor, Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research, Institute for Biomedical Sciences , Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering, Shinshu University
    • 1998
    • Shinshu University School of Medicine, M.D.
    • 2007
    • Shinshu University School of Medicine, Ph.D
    • 2014
    • Senior Associate Professor, Shinshu University Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
    • 2017
    • Professor, Shinshu University Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Hideyuki Shimizu

Professor, Keio University, Cardiovascular Surgery
    • 1986
    • Keio University, School of Medicine, M.D.
    • 1990
    • Keio University, Graduate School of Medicine Ph.D
    • 1996
    • University of Alabama at Birmingham, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Clinical Fellow
    • 2006
    • Associate Professor, Keio University, Cardiovascular Surgery
    • 2014
    • Professor, Keio University, Cardiovascular Surgery